Monday, May 17, 2010

City of Kingston Overbilled $64k

May 17, 2010...The City of Kingston's SAFETY NET 2009 is currently being re-examined by auditors in my office and we are confirming that 91 of the over 4200 charges were inaccurate. While the percentage is small in comparison, the errors translate into an over $64,000 refund due to the City and being re-billed to several neighboring communities.

This process entailed nearly six weeks of information gathering and are intention is to now focus on 2008 charges.

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Anonymous said...

Why not go back to when this program was first initiated? I am sure you can round up some more dollars. Maybe to you $64,000 seems a small percentage but to a person who has lost a home due to tax foreclosure or job it is a BIG deal.