Monday, June 21, 2010


Our RECOGNIZING SUCCESS recipients at the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce breakfast.
Nine high school students who are making a difference.
From left to right:
Erica Martin-Wallkill
Nissa Gustafson-Onteora
Alex Rose Schemitsch-Rondout Valley
Mairead Fogarty-New Paltz
Justine Marsh-Marlboro
Keri Robinson-Highland
Ana Flores-Ellenville
Comptroller Elliott Auerbach
(Missing-Chelsea Defino-Saugerties and Shaina Huleatt-Kingston)

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Anonymous said...

Please don't let them down now by continuing to accept influence from the same people that pressured you to support Bradley. That display of corruption needs to be put right by exposing and correcting the scammers who cost Ulster County taxpayers dearly. The voters can forgive you for where you come from, but they won't tolerate you bringing your cronyism to their doorsteps.