Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ulster comptroller pleased with parallel studies to eliminate nepotism
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KINGSTON – Months after Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach suggested the county look into establishing policy to eliminate nepotism among the ranks of county employees, Monday he lauded movement toward that.

County Executive Michael Hein and Legislature Chairman Frederick Wadnola have each launched efforts to eradicate family connections in county employment and Auerbach is pleased with that.

“I am very impressed that both the chairman and the exec have run a parallel course to deal with what has been determined as a decade old problem in the county and it came to the surface with the investigation at the health department specific to familial relationships or nepotism, and we raised that issue in our November report,” he said.

Wadnola has created a new committee on Government Operations and Efficiency to look into it and Hein has ordered his department heads to come up with suggested ways to eliminate supervision of employees by family members.

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Anonymous said...

No question it is an issue...has been and probably will always be.