Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Comptroller’s Staff Go Out Into the Field to Monitor Payroll Process

KINGSTON, NY (April 7, 2010)… On Friday, April 9, 2010 Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach and a team of examiners and auditors will initiate what he is calling the “present and accounted for” payroll verification process to ensure that County paychecks are ending up in the hands of the intended employees.

“With nearly two thousand employees and dozens of remote locations this procedure will both verify and validate that the weekly and bi-weekly paychecks are accounted for. As part of the Comptroller’s duty to certify payroll, we needed to ensure that everyone receiving a County paycheck is present and accounted for,” said Auerbach.

The payroll pay-out verification begins with the Highway and Bridges Division of the Department of Public Works (DPW). The procedure involves the Comptroller’s staff distributing paychecks or pay advices to the DPW sub-stations across the county. Employees will be required to show their County identification card and sign for their pay.

“We have enlisted the support of the CSEA leadership and the DPW management team, as well as pre-visiting a number of the sub-stations to meet and talk with members of the crew,” said Auerbach, “they all understand why we need to implement this process and appreciate our efforts to be as accommodating as possible.”

The Comptroller intends to conduct his “present and accounted for” payroll pay-out across all County departments and verify that every individual receiving a salary is indeed a current employee.

“We all have heard the stories of ghost employees,” said Auerbach, “while I don’t expect to find any, my cracker-jack team of “ghost busters” will out one if it exists.”

Most Ulster County employees are paid bi-weekly except in the DPW where staff are paid weekly. Employees receive either a paycheck or a ‘direct deposit’ pay advice statement.


Unknown said...

Since being in the position as the UC comptroller you are quickly moving forward in the direction of accountability and good business practice. Thank you for what you do and continue working for the people.

UC Client #11 & Elliott's advisor said...

Shouldn't the departmental heads and supervisors make certain that payroll records are accurate and factual?

UC Client #11 & Elliott's advisor said...

My wife likes "Payday" peanut candy but they're quite difficult to find. Sometimes Wal-mart carries them.

Anonymous said...

Before my retirement from Ulster County, I worked at a 24/7 site, on the midnight shift. Somehow I don't think you'll be dropping by at 4AM or so, with a couple paychecks.

We didn't think of THAT, did we?