Monday, February 27, 2012


17,000 minutes racked up on unaccounted for Ulster government cell phone

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KINGSTON – An audit of Ulster County government cell phone use has uncovered a missing phone assigned to the county Probation Department’s Crime Victim’s Assistance Program that someone ran up 17,000 minutes of calling time over a two-month period.

County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach said the bill totaled $1,843.

Investigation reveals the chain of custody was broken “and it looks as if the county has suffered as a result of this abuse of taxpayers’ money,” he said.

Auerbach has turned over his information to District Attorney Holley Carnright’s office to determine if there are possible criminal charges.

Auerbach was very critical of county cell phone use and policy in a June 2009 report and he called on county policy makers to “revisit county cell phone use, reduce the hundreds of devices that are county issued, and provide a monthly allowance for those employees who use their personal cell phone for county business.”


Anonymous said...

$349/day for a special bus to pick up kids that are illegally registered to the school and illegally living in an unsafe structure while 21 teachers get pink slips? I told the DA's office about that in 2010. Good luck with your cell phone issue. Lemme guess,"no wrongdoing found!"

Anonymous said...

What is the cost to the county per month for the families living in the Winton Motel (Saugerties)? I know of one or two young preteen girls who have been living there for over 6 months with their respective familes.
This seems a no brainer to me..No Good for the Girls... No Good for the community..No Good for the County. Stan Strath 943-7024 from Saugerties

Anonymous said...

That old Provident Bank building had some interesting wiring in it as I recall. Some people get watched carefully like bank employees or subsequent occupants.