Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Nepotism Definition

Simply put, the definition of nepotism is favoring relatives. Nepotism in the workplace occurs when employers favor relatives in making employment decisions, with little to no regard for anything but kinship.

It was evident in our report of the Ulster County Health Department in November of 2009 (see excerpt below) and we brought it to the forefront. We are pleased to see that legislation will be considered.

2009 – 009
Ulster County Department of Health
Environmental Sanitation Division
August 1, 1994 – June 11, 2009

Issued: November 20, 2009
Employees in familial relationships ought not to work within the same department and division, especially in a supervisor/staff relationship. The standard of appropriate checks and balances between duties and responsibilities among staff is fundamental no matter whether or not a familial relationship exists.

(Page #20)

Hein issues executive order banning nepotism in county employment

KINGSTON – County employees in Ulster County can no longer supervisor their relatives. County Executive Michael Hein Wednesday issued executive order #1, which seeks to do away with the practice.

His order calls for all department heads, board, agency and commission heads under his jurisdiction to review their operations for any potential nepotism-related conflicts and issue findings based on the review. They have 60 days in which to do that and issue their findings to the personnel director along with any proposed action plan.

“As you know, Ulster County has an obligation to avoid conflicts of interest between work-related and family-related obligations, end nepotism or even the appearance of such and prevent family conflicts from affecting the workplace,” Hein wrote in a letter to County Legislature Chairman Frederick Wadnola and all legislators.

The county executive also urged the legislature to adopt a local law regarding the issue
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UC Client #11 and Elliott's Advisor said...

Nepotism! Begone! Ha! This has existed in Ulster County and the respective towns for decades!Just What is the definition of "supervision" ? Is this immediate supervision of the employee? or separation by a few layers of managerial administration? What about those "grandfathered" by civil service protection?

Now here's something to think about. And I'm not using ANYONE in Ulster County Government as an example. In 1988, Newly elected Westchester County Clerk Andrew Spano [Democrat] retains the first deputy county clerk from the prior administration. Consequently, he falls in love with the woman and they get married. Is that Nepotism now that she remains in her position?

After Spano's assention to the County Exective seat in 1999--she still remained as the first deputy county clerk under Republican Len Spano [no relation].

To this day, Mrs. Spano serves as the first deputy county clerk...her husband was defeated for re-election as Westchester County Executive last November.

Anonymous said...

What about cronyism. There is a lot more of that in the current administration than nepotism, which is only in the spotlight because of the Health Dept. fiasco.

Who your related to in this county doesn't mean nearly as much as who you drink with and whose campaign you work on.

Anonymous said...

How timely a subject! It seems some nepotism has been uncovered in BOCES. I hope that $12.8 million they embezzled finds its way back to the school districts.