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It was a great way to celebrate EARTH DAY 2010 with Ed Fondiller of TOTAL TENNIS in Saugerties as he cut the ribbon (actually the vine) on the solar panel field. This project helps meet 30% of the facility’s electrical needs and enables them to sell back any excess electricity back to the grid. It was installed by Woodstock, NY company SOLARgeneration.

I was amazed, not only at the project, but at the commitment of Ed and his wife Kate Doran to incorporate energy saving measures to Total Tennis. It also shows you how a public/private partnership and our stimulus money yields huge results.

This project, along with the installation of a solar field and geo-thermal heating system at the Town of Esopus Town Hall show the sustainable commitment in our county.

Here are the numbers (something we like in our office):

468 solar panels (210 watt Sanyo photo-voltaic panels)

Indoor tennis building-1 system-1 meter 31,200 sq feet

10 other buildings-2nd system-2nd meter-30,000 sq feeg

TOTAL COST-$786.240.00

NYSERDA REBATE-$344,840.00

ARRA (Stimulus) Rebate in lieu of tax credit-30%

Yearly Savings to Total Tennis $18,000.00

For more information contact Ed at

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Team Auerbach Member said...

I remember the first Earth Day back in '70. I was in the 8th grade attending a Catholic boarding school in Huntington, L.I. located right on a bluff overlooking the Sound. On a clear day looking directly to the east one could see the Shoreham nuclear power plant.

The power plant was owned by the now defunct LILCO, and never at all operated at full capacity. Years later, it was dismantled and the outer shell dome remains to be a relic of the past.