Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ulster comptroller secures compliance with Social Services contract agency

KINGSTON – Ulster County Social Services contract agency Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. has a $500,000 contract with the county, but wasn’t submitting claims in compliance with their agreement and was sending bills, and being paid, for more than their monthly maximum allowance.

County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach’s office caught the lack of accountability with the agency that provides preventative service to children. He informed officials of the non-profit, who agreed to provide all of the appropriate documentation to be paid monthly.

“This is a victory all around,” said Auerbach. “Bills to DSS will include detail necessary for them to determine its accuracy and taxpayers can be assured they are only paying for services rendered and consistent with the contract.”

In his 2011 budget request, Auerbach is seeking two staff from the DSS finance office be assigned to his office. “In this way we can keep those staff at DSS, but have them trained by and reporting to me in compliance with charter requirements.”
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September 4-5, 2010

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