Thursday, September 23, 2010


Ulster Comptroller Releases First On- Line Independent Financial Audit

KINGSTON, NY (September 23, 2010)… Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach announced that the 2009 audit of Ulster County’s books and records is complete and, for the first time, is available for immediate public inspection at the Ulster County Comptroller’s website.

“Financial audits are done to protect the public, not government,” said Auerbach, “so it is important the public have ready access to the audit.”

Members of the public rely on audits to understand the financial well-being of the County, to learn how their tax dollars are spent and to make decisions on how vote, explained Auerbach.

“Annual independent audits by the Comptroller are so important to public integrity that the County Charter mandates the Legislature fund the audit annually,” said Auerbach. The first among the Comptroller’s duties in the Charter is to “examine, audit and verify all books, records and accounts kept by the various administrative units, offices and officials paid from County funds…”

“I am pleased to report that the audit found that in all material respects the County’s financial statements are fairly presented,” said Auerbach.

Financial audits records provide an independent, professional opinion on the reliability of the County’s financial statements. Financial statements represent the financial condition of the County. Financial condition results, in part, from the management of the County’s finances by the Executive and from financial management policies the Legislature may or may not have adopted.

“Another first for Ulster County is that this audit was overseen by the independent Office of the Comptroller,” said Auerbach, “County taxpayers can be assured that no “Enron-style” audits will result during my watch.”

The 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report can be found at www.ulstercountyny/resources/comptroller
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