Thursday, December 20, 2012


STATE COMPTROLLER DINAPOLI & COUNTY COMPTROLLER AUERBACH'S AUDITS ALIGN! County Beat: Opinion by Hugh Reynolds on Dec 18, 2012 County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach didn’t exactly jump up and yell “I told you so!” when state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli boinked the RRA for questionable operational practices in an audit released last week. But he could have. It was Auerbach, recall, in the first of two highly critical audits more than two years ago, who took the RRA to task for excessive debt — currently $23 million — and operational deficiencies. In typical fashion, RRA administration claimed it was aware of most problems cited and had corrected almost all. This is known in the auditing business as the “nobody-here-but-us-chickens” defense. And this is the outfit to which we’re prepared to give all of the county’s garbage business?

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