Monday, December 3, 2012

SEPARATION PAY:The Hidden Cost of Downsizing Government

SEPARATION PAY..the Hidden Cost of Downsizing 12.03.12 Separation Pay Report.12.03.12

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Lou said...

Mr. Auerbach,

Good info, read both separation pay posts.

Residents of Ulster County need this information. But there are two sides to all concerned.

To bad and sad to see Golden Hill is being sold. It almost is like the beginning of the end. Just kicking the can down the road. After a few more years of selling.....

At some point the budget and spending will come to a head. I made my decision 3yrs ago and left Ulster County and New York State. Am so glad I did. Really enjoying my retirement. Oh and did I mention, no sales tax and paying 66percent less in property tax on a brand new home three times the value on the one I sold in Ulster County. And our retirement dollars are spent not in Ulster. But in another state.

No, not on the high horse here. Just fustrated to see all that is still going on in Ulster and the gang in Albany.

Oh, and do not get me going on flow control with the UCRRA. I read your post on that also. I get my trash and single stream recycle for less than 3times I paid in Ulster County.

I could go on. But hope the Ulster Co lawmakers read this.