Monday, August 24, 2009

Ulster County starts study of employee cell phone use (

KINGSTON – The Ulster County Legislature has begun its look into county employee use of cell phones following an audit by County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach found the county spent $200,000 on cell phone bills last year.

County Legislature Administrative Services Committee Chairwoman Jeanette Provenzano said her committee is exploring options to reduce spending.

“We are looking forward to whatever policy changes that we can make to tighten up the information so we know who is using the cell phones, making sure we know who has them by name and what the use is for,” she said.

The cost of the usage last year was 40 percent above 2007, Auerbach found. He said, in some cases, cell phone plans were the “Cadillac” plans.


Anonymous said...

I must admit i had my doubts when you were elected,but you hit the ground running and haven't stopped,it's clear you have hit the books looking to cut the fat and trying to right the wrongs,every little bit helps,thank you.

Anonymous said...

At least you didn't go to Nina Postupack's fundraiser and publically endorsed her like another county wide Democratic elected offical did no less. I give you a lot of credit, EA. You know who your supporters from the party base. You didn't screw them over either. We won't mention names but you know the score.