Thursday, August 13, 2009


Comptroller Leads Collaboration to Secure Tax Dollars

KINGSTON, NY (August 12, 2009)… Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach has led the effort to protect taxpayers of the County, the Town of Wawarsing, the Ellenville School District, the Ellenville Public Library and the Village of Ellenville and to recoup funds owed by the owners of the recently closed NEVELE GRANDE RESORT.

“Ulster County residents are on the hook for nearly one-half million dollars for taxes and fees owed by the Nevele” said Auerbach. “This is a financial burden to the three municipalities and the two districts. Each entity is at risk and I felt it was best to launch a coordinated effort, with the help of Ulster County Attorney Bea Havranek and County Executive Michael Hein so that the county, the town, the village, the library and the school could take whatever legal steps are necessary to ensure collection.”

Comptroller Auerbach explained that Ulster County taxpayers, through the Ulster County Industrial Development Agency UCIDA (Industrial Development Agency), have already aided the resort’s owners by providing a “payment in lieu of taxes” or PILOT agreement to reduce their tax burden. “Our UCIDA has provided healthy incentives and tax-breaks to assist the NEVELE GRANDE to evolve into a premier tourist destination” said Auerbach, “It is unfortunate the Nevele must go to auction,” said the Comptroller, “but the people of Ulster County must be made whole.”

“I see this as a valuable opportunity to collect revenues at a time when government sorely needs it,” said Auerbach, “at the same time, we look forward to the possibilities new ownership can bring to restore vitality to this time-honored resort.”

The chart below outlines funds owed by the Nevele to Ulster County taxing jurisdictions:

Payment In Lieu Of Taxes Agreement
2009 2008
Ulster County $56,318363 $46,122.89
T Wawarsing General $28,816.43 $26,834.22
T Wawarsing
Highway $44,215.88 $38,478.87
Interest &Penalty $15,974.80 $19,315.57
TOTAL $145,325.77 $93,606.22*
*$37,145.32 paid on 05/30/2008

Other Jurisdictions
Ulster Co. Occupancy Tax $50,000.00**
Ellenville Central School Dist. $255,695.74***
Ellenville Public Library $9402.97***
Village of Ellenville Water $155,480.36****
***Provided by Ellenville School District
****Provided by Village of Ellenville


Anonymous said...

I am very sad that Mr. Auerbach was so negative about auctions. The NY Times, New York magazine, The Real deal, and press all over the world are embracing auctions. How could you state that my hard work is unfortunate? Who has come up with a buyer in the last year? Who has brought the county to a better place? Maybe it's unfortunate that the world does not regognize the beauty of the area, the close proximity to major cities, such as new York, Montreal, Boston, and others. I am going to ignore the statement, and continue my hard search for a suitable buyer who will bring class and style back to a Grand Old Hotel. Joel Hoffman, tried, I just met him, and I do not believe that he would not have done more had the economy not hurt him. Lets put all behind us and work together for a great future. Marvin Neuman, CEO Auction America Realty

tims auto said...

how can you be concerned about the amount a person owes in fees fines and taxes .when you had at some point during your campaign employed people who ripped off local busisnesses.when every one will have to pay a little extra in their property taxes this year comming,because of the HUGE SALES TAX short will be because my busisness was ripped off by one of your campaign volenteers.if your so concerned about the amount that is owed collect the amount owed to our busisness so i can pay my sales tax.i am one of many that person has ripped off.lets all be fiscally responsibile.

Anonymous said...

Hilton anyone?

Anonymous said...

Nevele auction is a big crock ! Auctioneer and seller are one and the same entity. Very very fishy business here. Sure hope Ulster county, Wawarsing, and Ellenville who are already owed lots of money by Nevele arent stung even further by this auction and its aftermath.