Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We are getting close to adopting the long awaited WHISTLE BLOWER protection that will afford county employees safe passage when it comes to raising questionable practices.

Ulster whistleblower proposal nears full legislative vote

KINGSTON – The Human Development and Personnel Committee has given its nod to whistleblower legislation proposed for Ulster County government employees and there is one more committee that must approve it before it can be placed on the floor for a full legislative vote.

The Administrative Services Committee has already approved it and Human Development Committee Chairman Donald Gregorius Monday said he believes it has stood up to several tests.

“We have honed it down as fine as we can do. It’s been through the county attorney and the legislative attorney and we hope to have it in place for a vote in the September meeting,” he said.

The Laws and Rules Committee is the final step before the full vote.

The whistleblower law idea stems from a proposal by County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach.


UC_Client#11 said...

It's about time!! However; nothing in the proposed law is mentioned as to HOW the county employee is protected from retailation. Whether or not it is meaningful to a "wronged employee" only time will tell.

Elliott Auerbach said...

The legislative committee is on their third draft of the resolution. I will post it for review as soon as it is in its final form.