Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tough Times Call For Tough Decisions

KINGSTON, NY (October 1, 2009)… Today marked the beginning of the budget process as County Executive Michael P. Hein released his 2010 Tentative Budget. It is evident that Ulster County is being squeezed between the demands and the mandates of the State and Federal Government and that these tough times call for tough decisions.

Hein proved today that he in fact can make those tough choices.

The County Executive sent a clear message that Ulster County stands united with counties, towns and villages against the continuous cost shifts imposed upon them by state government. He underscored his point when he explained that “New York is the only state that pushes significant amount of Medicaid expense down to the counties” and in Ulster County’s case that will translate into $30.5 million dollars for 2010.

Hein’s budget proposed reducing the county workforce by 4.5% or 100 jobs and eliminating or severely reducing several county programs. His initial budget reflects a tax increase of less than $50.00 for the year.

I stand alongside the Executive to turn this quagmire into a pedestal of leadership and an opportunity to collaborate with both he and the Legislature to reallocate resources for a more effective and efficient Ulster County government.



Anonymous said...

Good to see our Democratic leadership providing real leadership in these tough financial times. I hope the county residents take this year's election seriously and don't allow rightwingers to seize public offices and wreak financial havok. William's ineptitude has already cost this county millions and who knows how much legal liability Postupak has saddled us with. It's time to push forward in wiping out the "knuckledragging neanderthals" that want our less fortunate citizens to "die quickly" with their cruel sadistic ways.

UC Client #11 Elliott's Advisor said...

Very good reporting on this topic.