Thursday, October 29, 2009

BETTER BUSING.....Ulster shrinks the bus and increases the efficiency!

New Vehicles to Enhance Services with Lower Costs and Emissions

Kingston, NY (October 29, 2009) -The first of seven new buses, fully fundedby federal stimulus
funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), has arrived at Ulster County’s
Area Transit System (UCAT) headquarters. Total funding for the seven buses, scheduled for delivery
this year and next, is approximately $1.43 million.

UCAT buses serve commuters, shoppers and visitors in virtually every area of the County.
UCAT offers low-cost fares for everyone and additional discount programs for seniors and
disabled persons. Services include access routes for rural residents, curbside pick-up by
appointment, intra-municipal bus routes designed to relieve traffic congestion and special
routes that link Ulster County communities to the Metro-North train station, in Poughkeepsie.
The new buses will enhance all of these services, with the added benefit of lower operating
costs and lower emissions.

The new bus, valued at $66,000, is one of five smaller “cutaway” models arriving in the next
two weeks and holds 20 passengers. The new buses are designed to serve rural routes and
replace larger and less fuel efficient models. Two, larger 35 foot hybrid buses, valued at $550,000
apiece, operate at double the fuel efficiency of current models and will arrive next year. The hybrid
buses produce far fewer emissions than the current diesel units and will be utilized in more urban
sections of the County where passenger volume is higher.

“Ulster County is moving towards a smaller, cleaner and more fuel efficient fleet, while keeping
the seating capacity from the older fleet,” said Ulster County Executive Mike Hein. “This vehicle
replacement program is a win on many levels. It lowers operating and maintenance costs, provides
a safer and more reliable fleet and significantly reduces emissions. And, the fact that it is fully funded
by federal stimulus dollars means no impact on local taxpayers.”

Information regarding UCAT fares, schedules and service areas is available online at: or by calling (845) 340-3333.

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Ulster County Client #11 and Elliott's Advisor said...

"The hybrid
buses produce far fewer emissions than the current diesel units and will be utilized in more urban
sections of the County where passenger volume is higher."

This is a good idea, and illiterates best what hybrid motor vehicles are currently at best operating efficiency: That is urban driving needs at slower driving speeds. Technology in battery storage capabilities have not yet progressed to the point of rural, higher speed driving conditions. The reason being is that kinetic energy in battery storage means a reduced amount of direct current can be stored in a given LIMITED area of space i.e. the battery.

Neither has the law of physics and relativity has changed which states more potential energy is needed propel an object for further distances at a higher speed of travel.

What about those "so-called" gasoline efficient carburetors I've been hearing about over the past 40 years? Is is that the petroleum interests buy the patents and the rights to these devices so the public and auto manufacturers will not have access to them?