Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Kingston, NY (October 14, 2009) - As a result of a joint investigation by the Ulster
County Department of Social Service’s Investigations and Daycare Units and the
Town of Ulster Police Department, Tara Lober, 29, Kingston, was arrested Tuesday
October 6, 2009 and charged with Welfare Fraud in the Third Degree, a Class D
Felony. She was also charged with Offering a False Instrument for Filing in the First
Degree, a Class E Felony.

The investigation concludes that Lober allegedly defrauded the Ulster County
Department of Social Services (DSS) out of $5,285.00 of daycare subsidies from
June 2008 to September 2008, by failing to report she was no longer employed, thus
making her ineligible for daycare assistance.

The Lober investigation also led to an audit and investigation of Wolf’s Daycare Center,
the center that provided daycare services for Lober’s children. Melissa Scott, Co-Director
of Wolf’s Daycare Center was ultimately charged with falsifying business records, plead
guilty and was sentenced to a conditional discharge. Scott subsequently made full restitution
of $10,586.00 to Ulster County DSS.

“I would like to recognize the Town of Ulster Police Department, the Social Services Investigations
Unit and all of the individuals who brought this to a successful conclusion. This arrest, once again,
sends the message that fraud and abuse will not be tolerated in Ulster County,“said County Executive Mike Hein.


Anonymous said...

Im tired of hearing about Mike Heins message of fighting fraud in Ulster County when he allowed a position in the Fraud unit be abolished. The line was empty for long though, a position in the county building was put in one grade up and is still coming out of the SIU budget although it has zilch to with the department.

Anonymous said...

Well i am happy about people being held responsible for their poor behavior and theft from this county and its TAXPAYERS! Many people really need this assistance because they are hoonest people trying to get by! These disgraceful parents should be with their kids if they are not at work, not using welfare to pay for daycare while they just hang out!